Your Student Center provides you with an overview of your official student records. Here you can check for communications, view/request transcripts, print class schedule, pay tuition, enroll in the payment plan, check financial aid status, update address and phone, check your To Do List, check your holds, and obtain information about your advisor. 

1. Message Center:  Official communication from the college will be sent to your message center.  Be sure to check your unread messages as they may contain important information to keep you successful.  

    Tip:  Any communication regarding your Financial Aid class eligibility will only come in this inbox.  

2. Academics:  Use the academics section to search for classes, enroll and drop classes, print your class schedule, check your my academics (advising reports and student planner), request official transcripts, print a copy of your unofficial transcripts, check your official grades and run a what-if analysis.  At this time, SVCC does not accept graduation applications online.  Tip:  You will need your class schedule and your student id to purchase books.  

3. Finances—Select College:  The college name listed shows your user default.  If the college name is something other than Southside Virginia Community College, then you may have issues paying for college online.  Click the Select College to correct the college to make payments. 

4.  Finances-My Account:  Use the My Account link to check your summary, activity, charges due, payments, and pending aid. 

5.  Finances-Financial Aid:  Use the link to verify your financial aid awards.  After you submit your FAFSA, it takes 7-14 days for our college to receive the data.  Eligibility is determined and aid posted on your account.  You will use this link to determine which classes are considered eligible for financial aid awards.

6.  Finances—Make a Payment, Apply for Payment Plan, Manage Refunds:  Use this link to make online payment, apply for payment plan and manage refunds. 

7. Personal Information-Emergency Contact:  Please make sure to update your emergency contact.  In case of emergency, so we know who to contact.   

8. Personal Information-Mailing Address and Phone:  Please verify your address and phone and make any necessary changes.  It is important to keep this information up to date. If you would like to change your email or phone number for MFA, you will need to update your phone or email here.

9. Holds:  Check your account to ensure that there are no issues with your account.  Holds could prevent you from enrolling in classes, receiving your transcripts and/or diploma.  

    To Do List:    Check your account to see if you have any outstanding checklists for financial aid or admissions. 

10.  Advisor :  Verify that you know your current advisor.  He or she can help you decide on classes in the future.