Do you have more than one line on your phone?

If so, be aware that each line on your phone is forwarded separately. Forwarding your primary line does not forward the other lines on your phone. 

  1. Select the line that you want to forward.  

  2. Press the “Forward All” or “CFwdALL” softkey.

  1. Then enter the phone number you would like to forward to exactly as you would dial it from your office phone. You must include the 8


If you dial 8-1-434-634-XXXX to call your phone you will input 8-1-434-634-XXXX 

If you dial 8-949-XXXX to call your phone your will input 8-949-XXXX

  1. To verify that your calls are forwarded, look for the “Forward All” icon in the line label, and the forwarding information in the header. Also, it may be a good idea to place a test call to your number to make sure the forwarding is correct.